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What will you be doing?

The Research group RAPID (Risk Analysis for Products In Development) is looking for a Scientist Toxicological Risk Assessment to expand its ‘Risk Assessment & Toxicology’ team. As a Toxicological Risk Assessor, you will play a key role in the retrieval and interpretation of toxicological data based on in silico methods and are able to translate this data into clear recommendations for our clients. You will work closely with other experts in the team including toxicologists, exposure scientists and data scientists. The ideal candidate is passionate about the application of toxicology for risk assessment, enjoys working in a multidisciplinary setting, loves data but is also critical towards data and able to quickly extract the relevant details. You are expected to grow into a visible leader in the field of innovative toxicological risk assessment methods (e,g, using omics NAMs, HTS, AOP concepts) and as a resultant capable in near future of acquiring applied research projects.

As a Scientist Toxicological Risk Assessment your core activities are:

  • Participation in (multidisciplinary) research projects;
  • Analyzing and reporting of data sets and literature surveys (including data from novel approaches (omics, NAMs, HTS, AOP concepts);
  • Supervising of and participation in writing toxicological safety assessment reports for public institutions,  private companies and EU reports
  • Development of tools and new methods for hazard prediction and risk assessment;
  • Participation in writing project proposals, increasingly in a leading role;
  • Participation in scientific discussions with (international) experts from various fields;
  • Presenting and publishing results in scientific media, but also within TNO.


What do we require of you?

For the role of Scientist Toxicological Risk Assessment in our team we are looking for a candidate with the following qualifications:

  • At least a Master degree in toxicology, health sciences, medical biology, pharmacology or biomedical sciences (PhD preferred or equivalent to PhD level based upon experience and proven publications/writing skills);
  • At least 5 years of experience in health risk assessments;
  • Experience in the development of new methodology and tools in risk assessment;
  • Affinity with the application of bioinformatics for omics data, toxicoinformatics or systems biology modelling, or proven capacity to collaborate with experts from these disciplines;
  • Proven funding acquisition skills (research projects/ B2B) preferred;
  • A team player with an analytical mindset, a pro-active, client-oriented attitude
  • Strong scientific writing skills, the ability to interpret scientific data on safety into clear recommendations for our clients;
  • Excellent communication skills, fluency in English;
  • Certification as a European Registered Toxicologist (ERT) is a plus;


What can you expect of your work situation?
The Research group RAPID consists of 50 experts (toxicologists, epidemiologists, chemists, occupational hygienists, data scientists, bio- and toxicoinformaticians) who work in multidisciplinary projects on the assessment of health risks due to exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals via the (occupational-) environment, food or drugs. Based on scientific knowledge, RAPID works on the development of tools, models, and methods to predict these potential risks accurately and efficiently. Moreover, RAPID experts fulfill an advisory role in the design and organization of research projects, risk reduction measurements, and safe handling of chemicals. RAPID successfully applies its knowledge in the chemical, food, and pharma market and together with universities, research institutes, government and industrial players we aim to be leading in our field.

The prediction of human health risks is more and more based on innovative modeling approaches to reduce costs and to speed up the assessment process. RAPID combines its risk analysis and toxicoinformatics/statistical expertise with practical experience in the field of innovative experimental research (toxicology, chemical  analysis and human exposure). Integrated approaches are being developed to optimize the prediction of human health risks and reduce animal testing. These approaches also allow us to compare risk scenarios and to gain insight in the effects of prevention measures all within the context of the exposome.

Within the department, the team ‘Risk Assessment & Toxicology’ works on the development of innovative methods to improve the prediction of hazards and the assessment of health risks related to chemical exposure with the ultimate aim to prevent or limit the occurrence of diseases. The team also assists chemical, food and pharma companies as well as governments in developing new exposome-based methods for the evaluation of chemical safety issues related to occupational or environmental exposures.

What can TNO offer you?
Work enjoyment means something different for each employee. This is why we offer a-la-carte terms and conditions of employment that you can switch around on a monthly basis. Flexible working hours (like 4 days x 9 hours) and different leave schemes mean that you can create a package attuned to your specific wishes.

TNO attaches great value to both your personal and your professional development. Many opportunities exist for you to develop: conferences, courses, workshops, coaching, intervision, mentoring and job rotation. At TNO you can orchestrate your own career.

Application process:
You can apply till the 26th of July. The process comprises at least two (selection) rounds. After a positive selection, we will finish off the process by discussing terms and conditions of employment. We try to complete the interviews within 4 weeks.

Has this vacancy aroused your interest?
Then please feel free to apply on this vacancy! For further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Recruiter: Jeroen De Bie, +31 (0)6-114 57299

Manager: Monique Rennen, 08886 61737