Registration (first registration after completing Toxicologist-in-Training):
For a first registration you need to create an account with PE-Online:
Create an account here
Afterwards, login with the instructions in the confirmation email and follow the instructions on screen. Go to the next step by clicking on ‘Next’ in the white bar at the top of the page. Enter the required information in the form and upload the necessary documents.
‘Compulsory documentation’:
- List of PET-courses followed, as submitted for the registration as Toxicologist-in-Training.
- CV
- Letter of confirmation as 'Toxicologist-in-Training'
Please review the rules and requirements what PET courses are required.

Login to PE-Online
Follow the instructions and add your files to the website.
Here (guidance document) you can find an overview of the scoring for your ‘Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities (‘Receiving’)’ and the ‘Activities to support toxicology as a discipline and/or its role in society (‘Sending’)’. An overview of the CPD credit scoring can be found in this document . Some more explanation about the how and why of the system can be read in this document.
If your re-registration date is before 1 January, 2024, you can also use the ‘old’ form.

For questions or comments, please contact the registration committee: