Please start using the Xaurum PE Online system for tracking your progress and status towards re-registration as toxicologists!

Dear colleagues,

As presented during the NVT 2018 Annual Meeting, NVT has implemented, together with KNCV, responsible for the administrative handling of reregistration requests, and Xaurum PE, PE Online. This, based upon the hard work also by of Paul Scheepers, at that time from the RT, Frans Koeman from KNCV and a smaller test team involving Peter Theunissen and Martijn van Velthoven.

PE Online is a new electronic system for submitting information on your receiving and sending activities, needed for reregistration. Easy to use, even from mobile devices.

Accessible via:

To make an account, use your e-mail address known at/used for your communication with KNCV

Below, there is also a link to the NVT 2018 Annual Meeting presentation, with instructions how to start using the system.

It is intuitive to use. The layout of the system may change a bit while we go, but start using it, as by 1-1-2024 it is mandatory to use the system and new credit system for sending/receiving, and replacing paper work for re-registration)! (it is wise to keep records of your certificates of attendance/publications in your own possession as well, in case)

Provide feedback to Frans Koeman at as this can help to further refinements of the system.

Rob Stierum