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June 9th and 10th 2021

As toxicologists we aim to assess the safety of substances in the species we wish to protect, i.e. the target species. However, often we cannot simply conduct toxicity testing in the target species itself. This forces us to use model systems, traditionally animal models and nowadays also in silico and in vitro models. Obviously, these models are a proxy of the truth and have their own pros and cons. While animal models have many advantages, there is an urgent need for replacements. The Dutch government strongly promotes the reduction of animal testing. In addition, the U.S. EPA announced that they will stop conducting or funding mammalian animal studies by 2035. During the upcoming NVT Annual Meeting, we will talk about safety assessment and toxicity testing in target species and discuss the challenges that we face in applying alternative models into (regulatory) practice. What are the best models for the target species of interest? Can we measure within the target species itself? When do we have sufficient information to predict safety in target species? How do we implement innovative and predictive models in regulatory risk assessment? Join our discussion on these important issues during the online NVT Annual Meeting on June 9-10, 2021.

President NVT Juliette Legler
Organizing committee Paul Jennings, Martijn Rooseboom, Suzanne Heemskerk, Peter Theunissen, Gina Mennen, Lennart van Melis, Christy Tulen, Charlotte Hoogstraten and Victoria de Leeuw