Workshop ‘Multitasking is a myth’: with humor and style, Wouter Hesseling explains the price we pay for switchtasking*. Within minutes even the most sceptic observer is wanting to hear more. The program begins with a few interactive experiences, fol­lowed by a short and powerful show featuring more than 10 spinning plates. After this the participants get to experience the same principals first hand. While balancing fragile plates on metal pins, they need to divert their attention to flip multiple spoons in cups. This makes them aware of what switchtasking does to them, a skill they can use in their professional and private lives.

*The price you pay for switchtasking:
40% less productivity.
3 – 4 times more mistakes.
Wasted time.
Higher stress levels.
Half the attention for your relationships (at work and at home).
Wasted energy.
Blocks creativity and innovation.

Ideally we strive for monotasking, (completion one task before moving on to the next one) but this world expects all of us to pile multiple tasks on our plates.
Through this training and evaluation the participant leaves with tips so that when they are required to use switchtasking they can do this as efficiently as possible.
It is a joy to see what this releases in a group. Everyone wants to use what they have learned immediately.

Wouter Hesseling:
I was born in Amsterdam on 13 July 1967.
My schoolcareer:
1979- 1986 Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam
1987- 1989 Medical Biology UVA Amsterdam.
1990- 1994 Academy for physical education Amsterdam.
I started juggling in 1986 at a kibbutz in Israel. I became a full time juggling professional in 1992 and started to work at festivals and other events all around the world. The last 20 years I worked regularly for MBTM (More Balls Than Most). For MBTM I worked in corporate shows as a juggler, trainer or as keynote speaker. In these years I did a lot of briefings and wrote a lot of customized show texts for many large companies. We worked for banks, governments, IT companies, school associations etc.In these years I worked also a lot at Trade Shows. Although working at a Trade Show is tough, I really enjoyed it. I was always fascinated by the dynamics of these events. For me it was always a challenge to generate as many leads as possible. In 2010 I started developing Silent Juggling. This is maybe the most efficient and ef­fective ‘front of stand act’ of the last years. Silent Juggling can also be performed at wedding or jubilee celebration. The jubilee or wedding-couple will get an unforgettable’ 4 minutes of fame’. In 2014 I started reading articles and books about multitasking and developed the workshop ‘multitasking is a myth’. In this workshop the participants experience how ineffective it is to do more tasks at the same time.