‘Mindful at work’

Looking at the stress levels of most PhD’s, there is a lot to benefit from a workshop about mindfulness! We are often so busy that we might even forget what we are really doing at that moment… If we hide this stress and the painful thoughts, it might even be harder to enjoy the here and now.

In this workshop, we will be trained by René Sprenger and get an introduction to mindfulness en how we can use it to break down our automatic habit patterns at work and take control again. He will show us how important it is to see your mental wellness as a first priority so that you can be even more efficient en productive at work and enjoy more what you are doing at that moment.

The workshop focusses on many things, including the development of concentration skills, a fresh look at routine and practical exercises for in your work environment.

After this workshop, you will definitely be able to handle the rest of the days' lectures!