Registration and abstract submission open. Click here to start your registration and abstract submission

Professionals, PhD- and MSc-students are very welcome to submit an abstract about their research. All abstracts are accepted for a poster presentation. For all oral presentation opportunities, a selection will be performed after submission of the abstracts. Both PhD- and MSc-students can apply for a speed presentation during the ‘Young scientist’ day, May 30th. For the 4th year/senior PhD-students, it is possible to apply for a platform presentation on the Member day, May 31st. In parallel with the PhD platform presentation, we have this year the open session where professionals can present their work.

Deadline for abstract submission: April 17th, 2018

Abstract guidelines

  • Abstract length exclusive title, authors, and affiliations: maximal 250 words.
  • Text font: Times New Roman, 12-point font size, single line spacing, left alignment
  • Leave one line below the names and affiliations and between paragraphs
  • Include maximum 5 keywords 

A0 size in portrait orientation and please prepare a poster pitch of maximal 2 minutes for the jury, which will visit your poster on May 30th and/or May 31st.

MSc student and PhD Candidate speed presentation on May 30th
Presenters are allotted 10 minutes presentation time with an additional 5 minutes for Q&A.

PhD Platform presentation for senior PhD Candidates on May 31st
Presenters are allotted 20 minutes presentation time with an additional 5 minutes Q&A

Open session on May 31st 
New this year is the open session. Presenting time allotted to the presenters will depend on the number of abstracts we will receive. If needed there is a selection based on the submitted abstracts.

Best PhD platform presentation will be awarded a contribution for printing the thesis
Best PhD poster presentation will be awarded a reimbursement to visit EUROTOX 2019 in Helsinki, Finland
Best MSc poster will be awarded vouchers
Best PhD speed presentation will be awarded vouchers
Best MSc speed presentation will be awarded vouchers
Best discussion will be awarded vouchers