The field of toxicology is always changing. As with many items in society, also our science will become greener to be sustainable. During the annual scientific meeting, you will be guided through the multifaceted meaning of green toxicology. Green Toxicology is a very exciting theme since it covers the areas of safer products (Safe(r)-by-Design) & manufacturing with the aim of less environmental and human health impacts. It is also about improved safety for workers, consumers, and patients as well as the reduction of animal testing and alternative testing methodologies.

We will discuss these items at the meeting including recent media items. This year we will also organize an open session for which NVT members are encouraged to submit an abstract to present a topic related to the theme (instructions will follow).

We hope to welcome you to the meeting at Dutch Brand Hotel Gooiland, Hilversum. The ‘young scientists’-day is scheduled for May 30th, followed by the ‘NVT-member’ day, including the annual NVT business meeting and joined dinner on May 31st. Keep an eye on this website as more information will come.

President NVT                                   Henk van Loveren

Organizing committee                     Martijn Rooseboom, Suzanne Heemskerk,
                                                             Flemming R Cassee, Emma Kasteel,
                                                             Charlotte Pauwels, Evelyn Smit, and Anne Zwartsen

Onsite registration is 100,- euro per day. Dinner options only possible when we have cancellations.


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