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The Society of Toxicology (SOT), is proud to co-host the next triennial IUTOX International Congress of Toxicology (ICT) to be held July 15–18, 2019, at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. The theme of this meeting, to ensure relevance and interest to the worldwide community of toxicologists and environmental health scientists, is “Toxicology Solutions for Global Public, Environmental, and Personal Health.”

The Scientific Program Committee is looking forward to working with the IUTOX and other societies to create an inclusive and diverse program that highlights excellence in science and practice of toxicology around the globe. We will ensure the balance of interests of different countries and world regions. It is imperative that the attendees feel that scientific sessions and continuing education courses are informative, inspiring, and present strategies that can be implemented to improve human and environmental health in countries with both robust and developing research and regulatory enterprises. We wish to serve as a global forum for the exchange of ideas that can create impacts at all time scales, create lasting partnerships, and lead to measurable elevation of the competency of the toxicologists globally.

The Scientific Program of the ICTXV meeting will consist of Continuing Education Courses, Keynote lectures, Symposia, and Platform and Poster sessions. The scientific symposium proposal submission site will launch later in June 2017 for your submissions, and we welcome Symposium proposal submissions before the December 31, 2017 deadline. Each symposium will be 120 minutes in length and should include four speakers. All proposals submitted before the deadline will be reviewed by the Scientific Program Committee, and the symposia accepted for the Scientific Program of ICTXV will be announced at the SOT Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas in March 2018.

The following is a list of criteria that the Scientific Program Committee will use to evaluate proposals for the symposia. We encourage submitters to carefully review these criteria and make every attempt to tailor their proposed sessions accordingly. It is expected that 15 Symposia will comprise the main part of the ICTXV scientific program and we expect competition to be formidable.

Criteria for evaluation of the Scientific Symposia for ICTXV:
1. Scientific excellence of the proposed individual talks and the session overall.
2. Relevance of the topic of the Symposium to the overall theme of ICTXV, “Toxicology Solutions for Global Public, Environmental, and Personal Health.”
3. Balance of the scientific content with respect to the utility and relevance of the information presented for improving human and environmental health in countries with both robust and developing research and regulatory enterprises.
4. Speaker diversity with respect to the geographical area represented, gender, and sector (government, industry, academia, other).
5. Availability of support for speaker travel to ICTXV. [This criterion is not a requirement, but a strong encouragement.]

Further details, including Symposium Session Speaker Reimbursement Policies and Details, are available online.

We are looking forward to developing an exciting program from the proposals submitted for consideration for the ICTXV Meeting.


Scientific Program Committee for ICTXV

William Slikker (USA) – ICTXV Chair
Ivan Rusyn (USA) – ICTXV Scientific Program Committee Chair
Peter N. Di Marco (Australia) – ICTXV Scientific Program Committee Co-Chair and IUTOX President-Elect
Peter Goering (USA) – ICT XV Scientific Program Committee Co-Chair and Chair of the Continuing Education Committee
Silvia Barros (Brazil)
A. Nurşen Başaran (Turkey)
Emanuela Corsini (Italy)
Claude Emond (Canada)
Lijie Fu (China)
Mary Gulumian (South Africa)
Keon Wook Kang (Republic of Korea)
Yoshito Kumagai (Japan)
Ofelia Olivero (USA)
Betzabet Quintanilla Vega (Mexico)
M. Wahajuddin (India)