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Here you can read a summary about the new features of this website and what this means for you.

The visual (frontend) structure is very similar compared tot he old website, but very different at the backend. At the front, the main visible changes are:

    • Some content such as the map with Toxicology locations and the TCDD are now hidden unless you are logged in.
    • The events/calendar is renewed. Besides the looks, it also has more options such as event registration. Editors like section leaders can add events more easily with the new system.
    • You can subscribe to email notifications when new events are added to the agenda or directly add them to your own calendar with the iCal feed. You can also view the RSS feed with NVT events using a suitable program on your computer.
    • There are more possibilities (such as layout options) when adding content while it is also more easy and intuitive for anyone with sufficient rights such as the secretary and section editors.
    • There is a better connection with "daughter" sites such as the annual meeting website which is also more easily created.
    • Better (multilanguage) structure. When you click the flag, it will direct you to the same page you were looking at in the other language (provided it exists) instead of going to the homepage.
    • The website is safer. The connections are now encrypted meaning you can safely enter your personal details and passwords without someone able to pick it up.
    • Improved for mobile devices. Some content such as the map is configured to be viewed differently to improve the experience when using mobile devices.
    • Fewer errors

Features that will be implemented in the near future:

    • Possible forum
    • Possibly digital sign up for NVT membership including automated payment
    • You will be able to subscribe or unsubscribe for some notifications via email. This is possible but we have to think about the type of notifications you can (un)suscribe to and how we will organize the lists on the background

Important information to login. The members have been imported from the old website to the new one. Unfortunately not all usernames and passwords could be migrated but it is possible to login with your last registered email. You can also request a new password (via password forgotten?). If you have trouble to login then you can always ask an administrator to help you out at [email protected]