The NVT has travel bursaries for PhD students working in the field of toxicology.
The travel bursary can be requested to enable travel to conferences, workshops or symposia. Active participation in the form of a scientific presentation (oral/poster) is obligatory in order to qualify for a bursary. In case such a presentation has not yet been accepted, the bursary is given conditionally. Only PhD students are eligible for a travel bursary, and can receive a grant maximally twice, of which one to a destination outside Europe.
Applications are made by fully completing the appropriate form (see below). This application form must be accompanied by a budget and cost overview, a curriculum vitae, a bibliography and the submitted abstract of the scientific contribution. The application form and attachments must be submitted to the secretary of the NVT board. Bursaries are personal and for the requested purpose only. For travel within Europe up to € 400 is available and for a destination outside Europe up to € 800. When the original plans are changed, consultation with teh secretary of the NVT board is needed to verify whether the bursary is still granted . The board expects a short scientific report (possibly for publication in the TCDD) and an overview of the actual costs and the contributions granted within one month after traveling. The bursary will be paid upon receipt of these documents.
Applications should be sent to:
Dr. M. B. Heringa
Secretary of the NVT board
p/a RB Home and Hygiene
Schiphol Boulevard 267 - H11
1118 BH Schiphol 
The Netherlands
More information for the application in the Travel Bursary regulation 2015