Objectives of the Occupational Toxicology section

The objectives and related activities of the Occupational Toxicology Section are as follows:
1. To promote and coordinate scientific activities in the field of occupational toxicology, for example:
• organizing and promoting scientific meetings;
• liaising with scientists working in related fields and to stimulate interdisciplinary cooperation, in particular promoting cooperation in occupational health services and academic institutions;
• the promotion of international contacts in the field of occupational toxicology;
• identifying gaps in knowledge regarding risk assessments.


2. Participating in or organizing workshops and symposia with a didactic purpose for the benefit of occupational health care in specific situations. The topics covered in these meetings include:
• interpretation of acute and (semi) chronic toxicity studies;
• extrapolation from oral to dermal route or inhalation routes;
• interpretation of mutagenicity;
• development of industry standards;
• preparation of threshold values;
• possibilities for biological monitoring;
• biological effect monitoring;
• health examination.

Since its inception on January 11th 1989, the Occupational Toxicology section has organized regular scientific meetings, among others with occupational hygienists, occupational physicians and other experts, as represented in the Contact Group Health and Chemistry (CGC). The themes in these meetings to discuss issues made it clear that the section Occupational Toxicology as a scientific platform can make an important contribution in finding solutions to problems, especially in real work situations.