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The NVT is one of the largest toxicological associations in Europe. It is an open society: everyone working in a field related to toxicology, or follows a study which prepares for a role in the field of toxicology, can become a member. The association members have very different backgrounds, such as biology, biochemistry, agronomy, chemistry, (veterinary) medicine, biomedical sciences, pharmacy or environmental science.


In addition to general membership, every NVT member can also register as a member of one or more sections or working groups of the association. One section focuses on a distinct subfield of toxicology, while the focus area of a working group is important for various disciplines within toxicology. The NVT currently has the sections Occupational Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Toxicology, Genetic Toxicology, Environmental Toxicology, Risk Assessment and Toxicological Pathology. In addition, there are committees that focus on organizational fields.


What are the benefits of being a member?

  • You’ll receive the Toxicological Communication, Data and Documentation (TCDD) newsletter four times a year
  • You’ll get discount on the registration fee for the NVT annual meetings, which offer an important networking function
  • You’ll receive e-mails with vacancies and toxicology meeting announcements
  • You’ll get access to the members area of the website


Are you a PhD-student? Then membership of the NVT offers even more benefits:


Are you a student? Then membership of the NVT offers you opportunities for networking and choosing an internship, PhD position or job. Every year a scientific program is organized for and by young members, the ideal opportunity to present the latest results of a PhD research or internship.


What is the membership fee?

  • Ordinary member: €53 per year
  • PhD candidates (AiO/OiO/PhD-student): €23 per year for the first four years of membership (if still a PhD candidate)
  • Student: €23 per year for the first three membership years (if still a student)

Additional membership of the Occupational Toxicology, Risk Assessment and Environmental Toxicology sections (including MilieuChem Tox newsletter) is free. Membership of the Pharmaceutical Toxicology and Genetic Toxicology sections (including EEMS membership) is €10 per year, for the Toxicological Pathology section it is €5 per year.


You can register by completing this form and sending it to Fill in this form if you want to pay by direct debit. You will then receive €3 per year discount on the contribution.


Membership (including section memberships) is automatically renewed unless the NVT member administration has received a cancellation notice in writing or by e-mail before December 1 of the current year. You will receive confirmation of the cancellation.