rrrThe NVT is one of the largest toxicology societies in Europe. It is an open society: everyone who is working in an area related to toxicology, or is studying to obtain an education/ degree in an area related to toxicology, can join the NVT as member. Members of the society come from different disciplins; biology, biochemistry, agriculture, physics, (veterinary) medicine, biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy or ecology. 

In addition to the general NVT membership, alll NVT members can register as member of one or more of the society sections. A section focuses on a distinct area of toxicology, such as the sections occupational toxicology: Arbeidstoxicologie, pharmaceutical toxicology: Geneesmiddelentoxicologie,  genetic toxicology: Genetische toxicologie, risk assessment: Risicobeoordeling and toxicologic pathology: Toxicologische Pathologie. In addition, the various commissions focus on the organizational subareas.


What does the NVT membership have to offer?

  • 4x per year: the NVT newsletter Toxicologische Communicatie, Data en Documentatie (TCDD)
  • A discount to the registration fee for the NVT annual meetings, which provide an excellent opportunity to grow your network. 
  • Relevant job openings and announcements for toxicological events will be sent via e-mail.
  • Access to the member section of the website.

Are you a PhD student? In that case, an NVT membership offers you the following additional advantages:

  • When your situation meets the conditions, you can be eligible for a reisbeurzen to attend (international) toxicology conferences.
  • Kan je na publicatie van je proefschrift voorgedragen worden voor de Joep van den Berckenprijs

 Ben je student? Dan biedt lidmaatschap van de NVT je mogelijkheden bij netwerken en het kiezen van een stage, promotieplek of baan. Jaarlijks wordt er een wetenschappelijk programma voor én door jonge leden georganiseerd, de ideale gelegenheid om de laatste resultaten van een promotieonderzoek of stage te presenteren.


What are the costs?

  • Regular member: €50 per year
  • Promovendi (AiO/OiO/PhD-student): €20 per year for the first four years of NVT membership (under the prerequisite of still being a promovendus)
  • Student: €20 per year for the first three years of NVT membership (under the prerequisite you are still a student)

Additional membership of the NVT sections Arbeidstoxicologie and Risicobeoordeling is free. Additional membership of the NVT sections Genetische Toxicologie (inclusief EEMS-lidmaatschap) costs €10 per year, and €5 per year for the sections Geneesmiddelentoxicologie and Toxicologische Pathologie.


NVT membership can be applied for via completion of this formulier and sending it to administratie@toxicologie.nl. Use this formulier in case you would like to pay via direct debit. Changes in address and e-mail address should be communicated to administratie@toxicologie.nl, adjustment of this information within your membership profile on this website is not visible to the NVT-membership administration. Please note!: When not making use of direct debit for membership payments, a €5 administrative fee will be charged on top of the annual membership costs.

The NVT membership (including section membership, if applicable) will automatically prolong unless the NVT-membership administration (administratie@toxicologie.nl) is informed of your wish to discontinue your membership by December 1st of the ongoing year. A confirmation of receipt of your message will be provided.