Candidates, who wish to be trained as toxicologist, are advised to first approach an NVT-recognized Supervisor. The NVT Supervisor carries the final responsibility for the training and prepares, in consultation with the candidate, a proposal for a personalised training programme and for an education committee. The training programme is composed of a theoretical component (see below) and practical component, which consists of acquiring expertise in toxicological research or in applied toxicology. Both components need to comply with the requirements for the Training as a Toxicologist set by the CT. The NVT Supervisor submits the proposal to the Registration Committee Toxicology (RT) for approval. After approval the RT registers the candidate as “Toxicologist in Training”.

For the theoretical component of training the modular programme of the Postgraduate Education in Toxicology (PET) offers a full package of courses, composed of mandatory and optional items. As PET courses are offered at intervals of one or more years, careful planning of the personalised training programme is required.

Please review the information page on registration for the rules and requirements.

For questions and remarks, please contact the registration commission: