The editorial team is responsible for the release of toxicological communications, data, and documentation which are summarised in the TCDD, the newsletter of the NVT. This newsletter is a means of communication with NVT members. As such, the editorial team makes a significant contribution towards achieving the objectives of the association. Since 2005, the TCDD appears only in electronic form. Besides taking care of the TCDD, the webeditors have developed the new website with accompanying flyer and continues to update the content of the website with help and input of the TCDD editorial.

The editorial team (TCDD):

Barae Jomaa (editor in chief and webeditor), Colonial Chemical

Damiën van Berlo, RIVM

Héloïse Proquín, RIVM

Marcha Verheijen, Maastricht University

Jelmer Faber, Maastricht University 

The website editors:

Floris Groothuis (webmaster), RIVM

Melissa Mulder (webeditor), Pharvaris Netherlands