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For general questions for or about the NVT you can contact the NVT Board through the secretariat:

p/a M.Heringa (secretary of the board)
P.O.Box 1
3720 BA Bilthoven
Tel. +31-30-2744351 or +31-6-22109168
Email: [email protected]
(Questions on member issues and mailings will be answered by Milou Dingemans, questions about the board  and external issues will be answered by Minne Heringa).

You can also use the contact form below.

For website specific inquiries around e.g. login, technical problems, please contact the website administrator: [email protected]

For questions about the sections you can contact the secretary or the sections themselves (see contact details below). The sections also have their own contact information page with more information.

Occupational Toxicology:[email protected]
Pharmaceutical Toxicology[email protected]
Genetic Toxicology:[email protected]
Environmental Toxicology:[email protected]
Toxicological Pathology:[email protected]
Teratology & Reproductive Toxicology:[email protected]
Risk Assessment:[email protected]
Postdoctorale Education Toxicology
See own contact page:


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