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Board of the Environmental Toxicology section

Prof. dr. ir. W.J.G.M. (Willie) Peijnenburg  (RIVM & CML) - Chairman
Dr. I. (Ilona) Velzeboer (ECN) - secretary
Dr. J.R. (John) Parsons (UvA IBED) - treasurer

Other board members:
Dr. T. (Thilo) Behrends (UU) H.J. (Marieke) de Lange (WUR Alterra)
Drs. W.T. (Willem) de Lange (LaMilCo Adviesbureau)
Dr. S.A.E. (Stefan) Kools (KWR, Watercycle Research Institute) N.W. (Nico) van den Brink (Wageningen University)
Dr. E.W.M. (Erwin) Roex (Deltares)
Dr. M.H. (Marja) Lamoree (VU-IVM)

Dr. I. (Ilona) Velzeboer
Postbus 1
1755 ZG Petten

[email protected]

You can find more information about the section and her activities here.

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