The board has the responsibility to achieve the overall goal of NVT which is to promote an understanding of the various aspects of toxicology. Toxicology is aimed at protecting people and the environment.

The current administration focuses on the organization of the Annual Meeting and related AiO / OiO days and the business meeting, training and registration of toxicologists, the TCDD newsletter and website, the finances of the association, maintaining contacts with international toxicological organizations, and the ins and outs of all sections.


The board meets approximately 6 times a year. In 2023, this will be on September 5 and November 13, in 2024 on January 22, March 18, May 21, September 3 and November 11, and during a closed session with the members at the annual meeting on June 5 or 6, 2024.


The board has eight members:

Paul Jennings, VU (president)
Juliette Legler*, IRAS, UU (vice-president)
Yvonne Staal, RIVM (1st secretary / secretary of the society)
Hester Hendriks, RIVM (2nd secretary / secretary of the board)
Laura Hondebrink, NVIC, UMC Utrecht (treasurer)
Hans Bouwmeester, WUR (member)
Anne Kienhuis, RIVM (member)
Joanne Salverda, Nouryon (member)


Board contact details:

p/a Hester Hendriks (secretary of the board)
Postbus 1
3720 BA  Bilthoven, The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)6 52829224

(Questions about members and mailings will be answered by Yvonne Staal, questions about the board or external contacts will be answered by Hester Hendriks)


Annual reports:

Download Jaarverslag 2022
Download Jaarverslag 2021
Download Jaarverslag 2020
Download Jaarverslag 2019
Download Jaarverslag 2018
Download Jaarverslag 2017
Download Jaarverslag 2016
Download Jaarverslag 2014- 2015


De Ethical code can be found here.