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The British Society of Toxicological Pathology (BSTP) is organizing the following upcoming events:

Notice of Future Meetings

 38th Annual Scientific Meeting of the BSTP

Preclinical translatability and pathology of cell-based therapies

Date: 15th and 16th November 2023

Location: Evotec, Verona, Italy

REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN - register now to access the early booking fee!

The early bird registration deadline for the BSTP Meeting has been extended to Monday 2nd October.

Cell therapy spans multiple therapeutic areas, such as regenerative medicine, immunotherapy, and cancer therapy. The meeting will focus on stem cell- and non–stem cell-based therapies, that are administered topically, as injectables, infusions, bioscaffolds, or scaffold-free systems. At the same time, it will address some of the challenges arising during the preclinical development of cell-based therapies with focus on disease modeling.

As well as giving an overview of this very broad field, the meeting will include real-world case histories, many exemplifying the contribution of pathologists either in demonstrating efficacy or in assessing potential safety issues. In addition, the program includes discussion of risk-benefit analysis approaches, regulatory considerations, and the impact of combinations of cells and devices. A round table discussion of invited experts in the field will take place during the meeting at which specific topics can be examined in more detail.

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Webinars 2023

Working with the STP, the BSTP will organise three webinars which will take place in 2023 - registration to take part in the webinars will be free with the dial in details provided one week before.

The BSTP also work with the ESTP/SFTP/ECVP/ESVP to organise a number of webinars through the year.

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