This year, BelTox will organize an advanced toxicology course on “Embryo-fetal Developmental toxicity Testing” on 25th October 2017 at the WIV-ISP in Brussels. The program will start with a presentation on the biology of embryo-fetal development in rats and rabbits and how this relates to humans. Thereafter, in vivo testing of embryo-fetal development in rats and rabbits will be presented and the relevance of findings in these species to humans will be discussed. The morning session will end with a presentation on the regulatory aspects of embryo-fetal development toxicity testing. In the afternoon, presentations will be devoted to alternatives for animal testing using whole embryo cultures, zebrafish and embryonal stem cells. The participants will then be split in working groups for a practical exercise with study cases. The results will be presented and discussed at the closure of the course.

The speakers and coaches for the practical exercise will be experienced toxicologists from academia, industry, government institutions and consulting. The program can be found here.

The registration fee is 250 euros for BelTox members and 400 euros for non-members and includes the seminar, handouts, lunch and coffee breaks.
You can find further information on where you can register online. You can also register by email to the BelTox secretariat at