The advanced course in toxicology will take place in the University of Antwerp, Building R, Aula s.R.004, Rodestraat 14, 2000 Antwerpen on February 9th 2024. The theme of the meeting is “Reproductive Toxicity Testing – NAM-based Testing Approaches”.

The event kicks off at 9:00 AM with a warm welcome from the President of BelTox, Steven Van Cruchten, followed by a comprehensive overview of DART Testing by Steven Van Cruchten himself.

The morning session continues with a deep dive into the revision of ICH S5(R3) by Sonja Beken from FAMHP, Belgium. After a brief coffee break, the focus shifts to a joint session by BelTox and ETS, featuring Aldert Piersma from RIVM, The Netherlands, who will explore 3R testing approaches and NAMs for reproductive toxicity testing. This is followed by a session on the qualification of alternative testing approaches for detecting MEFL according to ICH S5R3 by Sonja Beken and Peter Theunissen from MEB, The Netherlands.

The afternoon session promises to be equally engaging, featuring speakers like Nicola Powles-Glover from AstraZeneca, UK, Amer Jamalpoor from Toxys, The Netherlands, and Arantza Muriana from Biobide, Spain, who will discuss the use of NAMs for reproductive toxicity testing of pharmaceuticals. Jason Manton from Exponent, UK, will then delve into the application of NAMs for reproductive toxicity testing of chemicals.

The program also includes discussions on alternative approaches to non-human primate use for reproductive toxicity testing by Peter van Meer from MEB, The Netherlands. The day concludes with a presentation on EOGRTS by Emily Richmond from Exponent, UK, exploring its definition, pros and cons, experience, and future outlook.

Prices to attend this event :

  • Registration is 150 € for BelTox members (no VAT)
  • Registration is 250 € for non-BelTox members (no VAT)

Join us for this intellectually stimulating event, where experts share their knowledge and experiences in the ever-evolving field of developmental and reproductive toxicology. We look forward to your participation!