Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the scientific committee I am inviting you to the "52nd European Environment Mutagenesis and Genomics Society meeting and 15th International Comet Assay Workshop" taking place in Rovinj, Croatia, from September 23rd to 27th, 2024. This year’s meeting is entitled “Fundamental genomics. New approaches. Solutions for the changing environment and human health.”

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This symposium aims to bring together experts from diverse fields encompassing scientific research institutions, healthcare, regulatory bodies, and the corporate sector, to facilitate the exchange of insights and knowledge in the areas of genomics and environmental mutagenesis, which hold significant importance in the preservation of human health and environmental hygiene.

We anticipate the participation of approximately 250 scientists from various disciplines representing Croatia, the wider region, and the global scientific community. Over five days, participants will share findings from a multitude of studies in applied, population, and molecular biology, as well as the genetics of malignant diseases. Topics such as the impact of the environment, climate change, and occupational conditions on the genomes of human cells and organs, as well as those of plants and animals, will be addressed. Before the symposium, we plan to team up with The Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) which will organize a focused workshop. During and following the symposium, a specialized workshop will be held, focusing on the comet assay and its application in aquatic toxicology. In addition to our ambitious scientific program, we aim to support the work of young scientists who will have the opportunity to organize, lead, and present their findings in dedicated sections. One of the sections will also be dedicated to the Partnership for the Assessment of Risk from Chemicals (PARC).

Our symposium features a line-up of renowned experts in their respective fields. Notably, we have Dr. Tomislav Maričić (Max Planck Institute, Germany), a member of Prof Pääbo’s laboratory who was awarded with the Nobel Prize in 2022, and Dr. Rosa Karlić (Faculty of Science, Croatia), a talented and award-winning scientist in the rapidly evolving field of bioinformatics. Confirmed speakers for the symposium, among others, include Dr. Andrew Collins (Oslo University, Norway), Dr. Marcus Cooke (University of South Florida, USA), Dr. Sabine Langie (Maastricht University, Netherlands), Dr. Duan Chen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Dr. Stefano Bonassi (San Raffaele University, Italy) and many others.

Looking forward to seeing you in Rovinj!