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Held on December 13, 2016

Speaker: Alys Bradley BSc, BVSc, MAnimSc, DipRCPath, FRIPH, MRCVS, FRCPath, FIATP, RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Pathology
Charles River Laboratories Edinburgh

Background Findings in (New Zealand White) Rabbits.

This webinar covered a variety of background findings that can be commonly seen in toxicity studies with rabbits.

Held on November 5, 2015

Speaker: Jan Willem van der Laan, Chair Safety Working Party (human), European Medicines Agency
Senior Assessor Pharmacology-Toxicology, Medicines Evaluation Board, The Netherlands

Role of toxicological pathology in safety assessment of human pharmaceuticals.

Safety assessment of human pharmaceuticals is a multidisciplinary challenge. Pharmacologists are involved in the discovery to find a drug for the intended target, and to check for off-target effects. General toxicologists, pharmacokineticists and pathologists are working together to describe the consequences of these effects in animal models. Translational steps are important for the prediction of the safety of the compound in humans. Important safety aspects are carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity and immunotoxicity. All these areas have an important histopathological component, and high quality reports are essential in the evaluation of these aspects. The webinar will focus on Carcinogenicity testing of human pharmaceuticals, and highlight discussions that are ongoing, especially in relation to the International Conference on Harmonization. 

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The objectives of Section Toxicological Pathology are:

• improve the knowledge of the pathology in the broadest sense with respect to the effects of pharmacological and other chemical substances to which humans and animals can be exposed ;

• promote the training of toxicology pathologists in training and training of recognized toxicological pathologists ;

• striving for international recognition of toxicological pathology ;

• conducting an active policy with respect to national and international regulations related to the toxicological pathology ;

• pursuing cooperation with similar organizations in other countries.

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Toxicologic pathology is a medical discipline that applies the professional practice of pathology—the study of diseases—to toxicology—the study of the effects of chemicals and other agents on humans, animals, and the environment. Toxicologic pathology professionals work in academic institutions, government, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, contract research organizations or as consultants, and utilize traditional clinical or anatomic pathology endpoints, as well as contemporary advances in molecular and cellular biology. They are dedicated to the integration of toxicologic pathology into hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk communication regarding human, animal, and environmental exposure to potentiallytoxic substances.

( text from website of the Society of Toxicologic Pathology)

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