Environmental Toxicology

Environmental Toxicology (3)

Board of the Environmental Toxicology section


Willie Peijnenburg



Chiel Jonker

The Environmental Toxicology Section was established in 1982. The section's objective is to promote scientific research and education in environmental toxicology. In addition, it is committed to promoting the application of environmental toxicology research for the preservation and improvement of the quality of the environment. Together with its members symposia and workshops are organized in order to achieve this objective. The section follows activities of international organizations such as SETAC and SECOTOX closely, and contributes as necessary to these (sub) activities. Since 2006 the board meets operates with the board of the Environmental Chemistry Section of the Royal Dutch Chemical Society (KNCV). This cooperation suits extremely well and will therefore be continued. These two boards can thus be seen as a single board. The board is always open to suggestions from its members for topics for workshops, excursions, seminars, symposia.

Work area of the Environmental Toxicology Section

The cycle of toxic substances in the environment and the potential effects of these substances on wildlife fall within the area of interest of environmental toxicology. In addition, it focuses not only on individual organisms, but they try to understand the survival of ecosystems, communities of different species of plants and animals in relation to their surroundings. Ecotoxicology studies how materials are distributed in water, soil and air, their possible conversion into other substances, how substances enter a community and leave, how they are transmitted through food, and what the consequences are for the survival of communities. The ultimate goal is making predictions about the risks posed by certain substances to the environment.

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