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Prof. dr Joep van den Berckenprijs

Note: Translated from Dutch. Might need further editing.

As a tribute to the Utrecht neuro-toxicologist Prof. Joep van den Bercken, UTOX (a partnership of the University of Utrecht, RIVM and TNO in the area of ​​toxicology) established a prize to stimulate research on young toxicologists. Since then, UTOX assimilated into IRAS and since 2003, this award is issued by the NVT. The prize, worth € 1,000, is awarded annually at the annual meeting of the NVT.

NVT travel scholarships for PhD students

Note: Dutch translation. Needs further editing.
The NVT grants travel scholarships for young researchers working in the field of toxicology.

The travel grants are related to conferences, workshops or symposium- visit. Active participation in the form of a scientific presentation is obligatory in order to qualify for a scholarship. In case such presentation has not yet been accepted, the possible granting of a conditional nature. Researchers may come up twice a PhD student eligible for a travel grant, which up once to a destination outside Europe.

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