Education and Registration

Education and Registration (4)

The NVT recognizes and registers professionally competent toxicologists on the basis of education and experience.

The general requirements for recognition have been set and are guarded by the Concilium Toxicologicum (CT). Training is offered within a joint education programme of Dutch universities - the Postgraduate Education in Toxicology (PET). The responsibility for the professional recognition, registration and renewal of registration of persons as toxicologist is assigned to the Registration Committee Toxicology (RT).

For more information on the proceudre for enrollment and on the training programme, please navigate to Toxicology Training

Why should I register as a recognized toxicologist?
Can I have the title recognized toxicologist for official use? Also abroad?
Do I always need an instructor for my registration?
How does the registration committee judge a non POT-course on the same criteria as POT course?
Is my supervisor my trainer?
When do I get answers to my request for (re) registration or to be listed as a toxicologist in training?
What can I do if the registration committee (s) disapproves my exemptions?
Can I apply for exemptions of both compulsory modules and elective modules?

Recognition and registration generally follow on the successful completion of the personalised training programme. Requirements for registration and for renewal of registration are formulated in the Rules and Requirements of the Concilium Toxicologicum. The Registration Committee Toxicology (RT) judges all requests for registration and for renewal of registration. An Application form for registration may be downloaded using this link. Please also consult the Explanation on Registration as Toxicologist by the RT. For more background information on registration and the registration procedure see also: Bylaws of the NVT and FAQs on registration and renewal of registration. Experienced toxicologists, who wish to be registered directly, are advised to contact the RT on the subject in advance of application.


For direct recognition and registration and for additional question regarding (renewal of) registration, please contact:
Registratiecommissie Toxicologie
p/a Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging
Postbus 249
2260 AE Leidschendam
T +31 70 3378790
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Candidates, who wish to be trained as toxicologist, are advised to first approach an NVT-recognized Supervisor. The NVT Supervisor carries the final responsibility for the training and prepares, in consultation with the candidate, a proposal for a personalised training programme and for an education committee. The training programme is composed of a theoretical component (see below) and practical component, which consists of acquiring expertise in toxicological research or in applied toxicology. Both components need to comply with the requirements for the Training as a Toxicologist set by the CT. The NVT Supervisor submits the proposal to the Registration Committee Toxicology (RT) for approval. After approval the RT registers the candidate as “Toxicologist in Training”.

For the theoretical component of training the modular programme of the Postgraduate Education in Toxicology (PET) offers a full package of courses, composed of mandatory and optional items. As PET courses are offered at intervals of one or more years, careful planning of the personalised training programme is required.

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