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The editorial team is responsible for the release of toxicological communications, data, and documentation which are summarized in the TCDD, the newsletter of the NVT. This newsletter is a means of communication with NVT members.

As such, the editorial team makes a significant contribution towards achieving the objectives of the association. Since 2005, the TCDD appears only in electronic form. Besides taking care of the TCDD, the editors have developed the new website with accompanying flyer and continues to participate in updating the content of the site.

The editorial team:                                                                                                                                                                       



Martijn van Velthoven (editor in chief), working as a regulatory toxicologist at Unilever R&D Vlaardingen




Barae Jomaa (redactielid), PhD candidate at Wageningen University




Martje de Groot (eindredactie), PhD candidate at IRAS in Utrecht




Femke Affourtit, Consultant Toxicology and Environment at RPS Advies in Delft



Jacqueline Biesterbos (eindredactie), PhD candidate at Radboudumc in Nijmegen



Samantha Kloet (webmaster), PhD candidate at Wageningen University

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