About NVT

About NVT (7)

Membership in the NVT offers many benefits including:

  • free access to the newsletter TCDD,
  • discount on the registration fee of the year NVT meetings, which provide an important networking function,
  • receiving mailings for vacancies and announcements for toxicology meetings, and
  • access to the members area of ​​the new website. The members section provides specific information such as:

Toxicology aims to evaluate the study of the harmful effects of chemicals on living organisms, with a view of the risks of exposure to these substances for humans, animals and the environment and to minimize undesirable effects. Toxicology is an interdisciplinary field between the medical, biological and chemical fields of science.

Association Statutes (revised in the General Meeting of January 9, 1997)


1 The Association

Organization of the association
The Dutch Society of Toxicology was founded on January 18, 1979. Currently the association has over 600 members, and is one of Europe's largest toxicological associations. The NVT is an open society: everyone working in a field related to toxicology, or follows a study which prepares for a role in the field of toxicology, can join as a member.

The board has the responsibility to achieve the overall goal of NVT which is to promote an understanding of the various aspects of toxicology. Toxicology is aimed at protecting people and the environment.

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The editorial team is responsible for the release of toxicological communications, data, and documentation which are summarized in the TCDD, the newsletter of the NVT. This newsletter is a means of communication with NVT members.

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